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At DA Media & Entertainment Ltd, our core is set in London’s vibrant heart, drawing inspiration from the rich cultural and storytelling traditions of the UK. We are on a groundbreaking mission to revolutionize the entertainment sector. With a fusion of creativity, expertise, and innovation, our team stands committed to deliver captivating content, embodying our dedication to British Asian convergence. Guided by the vision of our CEO, Durdana Ansari, we champion inclusivity, transformative storytelling, and the power of diverse voices.

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Multi-dimensional Excellence in Media

Our Diverse Expertise

Our team is not just a group of professionals but a community of bright minds from various disciplines, including film, television, advertising, technology, and event management. This multifaceted expertise equips us to approach each project with a unique lens, ensuring precision and creativity at every step. At the heart of DA lies innovation – embracing evolving technologies and audience preferences, allowing us to push beyond boundaries and offer content that truly engages.

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More Than Just Entertainment

DA Media & Entertainment Ltd is not just a startup; it’s a journey towards creating a legacy. Our dedication to crafting immersive experiences resonates deeply with audiences across diverse demographics. Our founder, Durdana Ansari, has been pivotal in presenting pioneering ideas to key UK broadcasters. In a vast world of entertainment options, DA stands as a beacon of creativity, innovation, and profound engagement. We’re not just in content creation; we’re in the art of crafting memories.

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Echoes of Ancestry

Set against the backdrop of modern-day London, “Echoes of Ancestry” follows the journey of a young British Asian woman, Aria, as she navigates the complexities of her dual heritage. The play intertwines vibrant cultural celebrations, age-old traditions, and the challenges of finding one’s identity in a bustling metropolis. Through poignant dialogues and mesmerizing performances, it offers a captivating exploration of belonging, legacy, and the intricate dance between the past and the present.

Our Team

Durdana Ansari OBE

CEO & Founder

Amina Art Ansari

Creative & Visual Director

Murad Siddiqi

Creative & Event Director